Krystal: more than one job

Picture of Krystal

Krystal has a student loan which is paying for her part-time study towards an Arts degree. She’s working full-time earning $400 a week, but decides to get another part-time job working at night to help pay the bills.

Choosing a tax code and working out your tax

Krystal finds a job working 10 hours per week paying $13 an hour before tax.

When Krystal is asked for her tax code she uses the decision tree (external link) to work this out. Because it's not her main job, she selects a secondary tax code of S SL for her part time job.

Krystal uses the PAYE/KiwiSaver calculator (external link) on the Inland Revenue website to work out how much tax and student loan repayments will be deducted and what her take home pay will be.

She enters $130 into the relevant box in the PAYE/KiwiSaver calculator (external link) xx and confirms that she'll be paid weekly.

Joining KiwiSaver

The other thing that Krystal needs to consider is whether to start saving for her retirement through KiwiSaver. Because she's now 18 she'll be automatically enrolled in KiwiSaver anytime she starts a new job. Krystal will then have 8 weeks to decide whether to remain in KiwiSaver or opt out. Krystal decides not to join up until she has finished her studies.