When you've got children

Picture of a young woman at work

You've got a child - how is this going to affect your tax obligations?

You're going to need to know about:

  • Working for Families Tax Credits - you may be eligible for one or more of the different types of tax credits
  • tax credits (formerly rebates) - apart from the normal tax credits, check to see if you're eligible for an income tax credit - especially if you've paid for child care or for school fees
  • child support - if your relationship has broken up, you may be eligible to receive child support, or you may have to pay it.

How will this affect you?

Check out Real lives to see:

  • Phil and Anna's story - they're a young working couple with a two year old son, receiving Working for Families Tax Credits
  • Kate's story - she's a young single mum receiving child support.